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Lamorf ™️ Attachment

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Wire Choker


İstanbul'un değerli ustaları tarafından %100 el yapımı üretilmiştir.

Coating & Care

All Lamorf pieces of jewelry are made out of specially developed anti-allergic mine. The color is named Lamorf ™️ Gold, which is specially produced for our products.

Partial darkening may occur depending on the use and the body's acid balance. But don't worry, this is quite normal. If cleaned with a care kit, its color will change to the color as it was on the first day. The care kit will be on sale soon, for the time being, you may purchase the care service and send your product to us.

Do not forget that the care with the care kit provides superficial cleaning. Thus, be careful not to scratch the surface of the product. Make sure that you fulfill the warnings in the tab below.

*Care kit can only be applied to products without enamel (not painted products). As abrasion may occur in enameled products, there is a partial color dye application. Extra precision is required.


Delivery dates vary according to the production process of the product. It takes place within 1-3 business days. 

Over 400₺ is free for domestic orders, and the fixed shipping fee is 20₺ for orders below. Please click here for detailed information.

Returns & Changes

All orders have unconditional returns. No change is done for the products. To do this, you have to return the product you want to change and order the new product. You can click for detailed information.


Ürünler üretimden çıktıktan sonra özel vakum makinesi ile hava teması kesilerek koleksiyon kartları ile birlikte vakumlanır. Vakumlanan ürünler siparişinize göre birleştirilip Lamorf klasöründe gönderilir. Klasörünüzü ürünleri içerisinden çıkartıktan sonra kullanabilirsiniz.

DesIgned by Gizem Kapar for Lamorf™️ Attachment '22.